problem upgrading from mandrake 6.2 to 7.2

problem upgrading from mandrake 6.2 to 7.2

Post by <goo.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

the upgrade went fine until the very end when it wanted to configure the x
server. the install had an error and went into an endless loop to the same
point over & over. so i selected exit. and i went to re-boot for the 1st
time. the graphical loading screen comes up (and looks nice) but then it
hangs. i'm a newbie. but have messed with linux a little before. what can i
check or do to make it fully boot up?

the system is a handmade with winME and mandrake 7.2. on a 40gb drive split
into 2 partitions. diamond s90 soundcard. 2 cd-rw drives on the secondary
ide connector. 1 parallel zip drive. 384mb of ram. voodoo banshee graphics.
microsoft intellimouse explorer on the ps/2 port. USR sportster 56k external
on a serial port.

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1. KDE crashes on start in RedHat 6.2 to 7.2 upgrade

I have just upgraded from RH 6.2 to 7.2.  I was using KDE before and now
cannot get it to load.  I use the Gnome display manager in GUI login
mode (runlevel 5).  I am using Gnome now but would like to get back to KDE.

Does anyone know which file/directory permission or which configuration
has to be deleted/modified to get KDE to work on the existing user accounts?

With 6.2, I would just log in with no problems.  Now, the screen changes
color, goes grey and then kicks me out to the GDM login prompt again.  I
have checked out the error messages by using startx from the command
line and see this message:

/usr/bin/startkde: /tmp/KDE.startkde.JYWUeC: cannot overwrite existing file

It also says that I don't have write permission on /tmp but I do.  Even
running as root will give the same error(s).

I created a new account and it works in KDE.  I moved every file and
directory (including hidden) from my home account and then brought them
back one-by-one.  I could get into KDE then using startx.  I then
switched back to runlevel 5 and got the same crash problem when trying
to start KDE from GDM.  Now startx crashes as well.

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