Linux 1.2.8 doesn't recognise Pioneer ATAPI CD-ROM drive

Linux 1.2.8 doesn't recognise Pioneer ATAPI CD-ROM drive

Post by David Hodg » Sun, 05 May 1996 04:00:00

It's a brand new Pioneer DR-UP124X5 drive which works under MSDOS
but not my Linux - even though the same kernel recognises a different
ATAPI CD-ROM on another machine. I've tried it as slave on primary IDE
and master on secondary IDE, both of which work under MSDOS but not
I ran MAKEDEV.ide from Linux 1.3.97 to create /dev/hd1a etc. but
that didn't help of course - the kernel doesn't see the drive.
I haven't been able to try Linux 1.3.x yet because make reported an
error when producing a compressed kernel which I haven't had time to
sort out - it produced an uncompressed kernel happily but I can't see
that it's much use - it's too big to fit below the 640K barrier.

Has anyone else got a Pioneer ATAPI CD-ROM drive to work ? Any
suggestions ?

Please reply via email as my newsfeed is slow and unreliable and I'm
in a hurry to establish whether I can get the drive working so I can
return it if I can't.


Linux 1.2.8 doesn't recognise Pioneer ATAPI CD-ROM drive

Post by David Hodg » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

Thanks to all those who replied. Upgrading to Linux 1.3.97 fixed
the problem.


1. Linux 1.2.1/slackware 2.2 doesn't recognize atapi cd-rom drive

I have the same experience with my SCSI CD-ROM drive which is recognized
as /dev/scd0 when booting from floppy, but when I boot with LILO into
HD, the drive fails to mount with a "non-block device" complaint.

I've had such experience with wrong device type before and I used the
MAKEDEV script to fix that.  Unfortunately I forgot how exactly.


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