hdsetup.tgz....I removed it, now I am in troubl!

hdsetup.tgz....I removed it, now I am in troubl!

Post by Be » Fri, 11 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I did removed the hdsetup.tgz package. In result I cannot use the 'setup'
command. I can't find pkgtool either or installpkg.
So I untared it in the / directory. What else do I have to do, because it
doesn't work yet?

Thank you for any answer



1. hdsetup.tgz and terminfo.tgz doesn't install

I've got the following VERY SERIOUS and ANNOYING problem during the installation of my
Slackware Linux 3.0

During the installation (from IDE CD-ROM) of the files, the following files couldn't be



The error message displayed was:

invalid compressed data - crc error
tar: child returned status 1

Does this sound like a hard-disk problem or what? I've tried using a friend's CD-ROM but
the same problems occur.

Is there anyway to install the above files separately AFTER the main installation
process? (ie untar them myself etc...)

For that matter, what do the above files do anyway?

Please help!!!

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