CSU/DSU Direct Connect Experiences?

CSU/DSU Direct Connect Experiences?

Post by gasp » Thu, 05 Jan 1995 01:42:11

Greetings all!

   has anybody out there tried to directly connect a CSU/DSU type box
directly to their linux box?  I've got a 486 with a Boca 8-port serial
card, and would like to save some $$$ by doing our 56k Frame Relay
connection directly to the linux box.  the Boca has the 16550A's, so it
should go fast enough for a 56k, but i'd like to hear any stories,
suggestions, pitfalls, anything concerning jackin in to this.  Ideally,
i'll be able to use the linux box as the router/gateway from the
provider to our already existant LAN.

   Please reply via e-mail, as our current provider tends to loose news
to us, but mail is 99% working.  I'd also post summaries if anybody else
is interested.


ps, the Boca-8-port is *y luvly!

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