printing over USB with lexmark x83

printing over USB with lexmark x83

Post by Scott Savares » Thu, 22 Nov 2001 02:05:38

I have a two fold questions...The first is printing over USB. Is it
possible? How do I do it? Can I use the USB serial port driver (doesn't
printing use the parallel port?)

The second is printer related...Is there any way to print to a Lexmark X83
printer and use its scanner capabilities as well? I am looking to be able
to print color graphics as well as text...

If anybody has any experience with this please Email me...your help would
be most appreciated...

Scott Savarese


1. USB printer lexmark x83.

Hi. I have a printer and scanned in on - lexmark x83 and i am trying to
make it work under Redhat 7.0. So far all my efforts were futile. In the
usb driver printers are supposed to return class 7, mine returns class
16. I addaed an appropriate entry in a structure with 16 corresponding
to printer and that did not do much. My printer is now recognized as a
unidirectional printer for some reason (and i know it is not). When  I
try to print it gives me an error message :"bulk: timeout".  If anybody
has had experience with x83 or similar with USB interface please
respond!! I am desperate!!

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