problem using -g with gcc263

problem using -g with gcc263

Post by andy li » Wed, 05 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hi all,

First of all, what happened to  I couldn't
access it any more.  Does it still exist?

I ftp'ed the new "d" series in the new slackware dist. which
contains gcc 2.6.3, and installed it.  First it complained
about being outdated.  So I ftp'ed image.4.6.27.tar.gz
and unpacked that (and made the sym links).  Now if I compile
without the -g switch, it seem to work fine.  However if I compile
with the -g switch, at the linking stage I get a "can't find" error.  I do have /usr/lib/ linked to!

Can anyone help?

Also, I've heard that gcc263 for linux still has bug with alloc().
Does anyone know if this has been fixed, or when will it get fixed?

Thanks in advance.

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