Wit's end question -- files go to print spooler and are never printed

Wit's end question -- files go to print spooler and are never printed

Post by John A. Thoma » Mon, 25 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I have Red Hat version 4.1a from Work Group Solutions installed.  When I
send a file to the printer using lpr, the df and cf files are spooled to
the _parent_ directory of my the spool directory (/var/spool/lpd) and
are _never_ sent to the printer.  lpq says the printer is off line or
busy, neither of which is true.

1.  The printer is connected and on line:  cat [filename] >/dev/lp1
works.  It's a TI laser printer in HP mode.  I've also tried a
dot-matrix  printer.

2.  My printcap file seems to be correctly set up:

3.  The required files exist:  lock .seq errs status

I can't believe printing in Linux can be this difficult, but I've
corresponded with others having the same problem, using other
distributions of Linux.  Since some of you are obviously printing, there
must be a solution.  Thanks in advance for any tips.

John Thomas


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