kernel panic? Need Help?

kernel panic? Need Help?

Post by Heiner Hemk » Fri, 13 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Can anyone solve this problem?

>I installed Linux over the weekend.  Using OS/2's boot manager, and installed
>Linux by choosing "root" as opposed to MBR.  My Controller card is hooked up
>to my HD, and NEC CD-rom drive - the HD and CD-Rom were recognized
>and everything installs fine, everything seemsto be alright.  But when I boot
>into Linux - or try to, I get the following error:

>"kernel panic: VFS:  Unable to mount root fs on 08:05"

Hmm, looks like a trashed /etc/fstab to me.
You got up early that weekend it seems :-) (time stamp?).
Did you install from Slakware 2.3.0 CD-ROM?
It left me with an empty /etc/fstab (sic!).
I used the installation disks, and could fix it.

Quote:>What the hell is this?  Ive tried everything, still no go - same error when
>booting up, either from disk or HD.

>I am trying to boo off of /dev/sda5 - if that helps.

>Is there something that needs to be done?  What is "08:05"?  Mean anything to

Use your installation disks to boot, DON'T call setup, but mount your
root fs tobe readwrite (mount -rw -t ext2 /dev/sd5a /mnt)
Then use vi to edit /mnt/etc/fstab manually.

Sorry I can't remember the format (Solaris uses another I think and
my Linux box is unreachable - at home) but it should look something like
#Device Mount-point Fs-type Fsck-sequence(not used, but doesn't hurt)
/dev/sd5a       /       ext2    0

For the format check the /etc/fstab on ramdisk after booting off of your
installation disks (that's how I did it).

>Any help is appreciated, thanks.

>Marc Colella

Hope this helps,


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Hello !

I have this problem:

When I boot Linux from a 1.44 disk (using bare image) and then
using the color root I get:

Kernel Panic: Cannot mount FS on 21:00

The kernel is 1.2.13
I have 2 IDE disks  and a Goldstar CDROM (GCD R542B)
In primary controler is a 1.2 Gb disk and the CDROM
In the secondary controler is a 850 Mb reserved for linux.

Any answers will be welcome.
Thanks in advance

Rui Anastacio

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