PCMCIA Ethernet Support for RedHat Install via FTP

PCMCIA Ethernet Support for RedHat Install via FTP

Post by justin t marti » Sun, 01 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to start the PCMCIA services from the command line?

I have a pcmcia ethernet card that should be supported Eiger Labs 10BT.
It's listed in the supported.cards document and it should be using the
pcnet_cs driver, however it is not recognized by redhat. The card is
detected when inserted and returns the correct version. I can use cat to
edit the /etc/pcmcia/config file and add a definition for my card, but by
the time I can usethe command line I have to have either skipped or
installed PCMCIA services and RedHat install will not go back to install
PCMCIA support. The suplemental disk is loaded when I tell it to do an
FTP install. And I can have it search for an ethernet device by going back
in RedHat install and choosing FTP again.

So I need to find out how to start up PCMCIA from the command line after I
edit the config file. Any Ideas?

  Justin Martin   | "Howard Roark laughed"



1. RedHat ftp boot via pcmcia ethernet card


I'm trying to install RedHat 4.2 via FTP on my Texas Instruments
Travelmate 6160 notebook, using the 3com 3C589D ethernet adapter.

After configuring the TCP/IP, network and doing the ftp setup
I get the message:
   'I cannot log into machine: Failed to connect to FTP server'

I'm sure that I did the setup for IP address, Netmask, gateway, name
.... in the right way.

Looking at the RedHat documentation and several HOWTO's didn't provide
information about such a problem, so i hope that a Linux guru
can recognize the problem by looking at the following boot

Thanks a lot


<6> Linux PCMCIA Card Services 2.9.4
<6> Intel PCIC probe:
<6>   TI 113X CardBus at 0x3e0, 2 sockets
<6>   irq mask (scanned) = 0x96b8, status change on irq 15
<30>Jul 22 12:23:10 cardmgr[16] starting
<30>Jul 22 12:23:10 cardmgr[16] cardmgr.c 1.88 1997.04.14 ....
<30>Jul 22 12:23:10 watching 2 sockets
<6>cs: IO port probe 0x0100-0x03ff: excluding 0x1f8-0x1ff 0x220-0x22f
0x330-0x337 0x378-0x37f 0x388-0x38f
<6>cs: IO port probe 0x0a20-0x0a27: clean
<30>Jul 22 12:23:10 cardmgr[16] could not open /var/run/cardmgr.pid: No
such file or directory
<30>Jul 22 12:23:25 cardmgr[16] initializing socket 1
<30>Jul 22 12:23:25 cardmgr[16] socket 1: 3Com 3c589 LAN Adapter
<30>Jul 22 12:23:25 cardmgr[16] executing 'insmod
<4>loading device 'eth0'
<6>eth0: 3Com 3c589, port 0x300, irq 3, Auto port, 00 A0 23 E3 89 2E
<30>Jul 22 12:23:25 cardmgr[16] fopen(stabfile) failed: No such file or
<30>Jul 22 12:23:25 cardmgr[16] executing './network start eth0'
<4>Adding Swap:130748k swap-space (priority -1)
<6>eth0: autodetected 10baseT

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