Need Help with AUIS63L4-wp

Need Help with AUIS63L4-wp

Post by Justin Knotz » Sun, 19 Nov 1995 04:00:00

    If anyone is using Andrew's Auis I need help on a few things:

    1. How do you save?
    2. How do you print?

   I know these are very simply questions and the help file should cut it
but the help file doesn't seem to help me.



1. Help: Need 1) WP=>DVI util and 2) Borland IDE clone

I have looked through many Unix and Linux directories and read many
FAQ's, and am still unable to find the following:

1) A utility to convert docs in WordPerfect format (preferably <= 6.0 for
DOS) to DVI format, and

2) A *text-based* clone or approximate work-alike to Borland's IDE
(sometimes called Programmer's Platform).  I already know about 'xwpe' (I
think that's what it's called); my machine can't run X very well, so I'm

If anyone could help me out here, I'd appreciate it.

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