/dev/scanner --- cannot create

/dev/scanner --- cannot create

Post by Charles E. Kinne » Sun, 02 Aug 1998 04:00:00


Having searched all the refs (FAQ's, HOWTO's, other dox) on my RH
installation, scoured the ng's, searched zillions of bytes of webinfo, I
am stumped.

I have inherited a low-mileage Mustek 600 III EP + from a friend.  I
have the M$ CD, etc, but zilch for documentation.  It plugs into the
printer port, and the printer daisy chains from the scanner.  That's all
well and good.

The problem is that I have no /dev/scanner, and cannot create one.
SANE, and it seems everything else that might run the sdcanner, require
this.  Any assistance is *greatly* appreciated --- I have long awaited a
flatbed scanner, and am *exceedingly* frustrated.  Eight years of
college/grad school writings want to be converted before they yellow
with age!

My installation is RH 5.0, running on an IBM Aptiva 200mHz "stealth"
box.  Please email me directly.  If/when I am successful I will
summarize the steps and post them for general consumption.

  Chuck Kinney

"Do Not Attribute To Malice
 That Which Can Be Attributed To Stupidity"


1. sbpci-1.3 - /dev/audio: cannot create

hi friends of music and kernel driver gurus !

i tried to install sbpci-1.3 on my solaris box
but i hadn't success.

my environment: intel x86 with solaris 7
SunOS mayer 5.7 Generic_106542-10 i86pc i386 i86pc
gcc version 2.8.1

i did download sbpci-1.3 and compile without any errors.
also installing as root did work.
after `drvconfig' and `devlinks'  or also rebooting
serveral times, i get an error producing a sound

root# cat /usr/demo/SOUND/sounds/cuckoo.au > /dev/audio
ksh: /dev/audio: cannot create

:root# ls -ld /dev/audio
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other          7 Feb  8 22:46 /dev/audio -> sound/0
:root# ls -ld /dev/sound/0

but also chmod to 666 does not work.

and all the sbpcidebug commands with various options result in:
 Could not open device /dev/audioctl: No such device or address

running dca shows:
 pci: 4942,4c4c audio device
 bus 0, device 12, function 0
 port: a400-a43f  irq: 11

booting windoofs 98 on the same machine shows me also:
 creative labs sound blaster pci 128
  interrupt 11
  e/a a400-a43f

at least i also modified postinstall adding pci4942,4c4c twice
:root# diff postinstall .po*
< IDLIST="pci4942,4c4c pci1274,5000 pci1274,5880 pci1274,1371 pci1274,1373 pci1274,8001"
< pci4942,4c4c pci4942,4c4c oth pci none "Sound Blaster PCI128"

/var/adm/messages doesn't report anything.
/var/log/debug says at install-time:

Feb  9 00:20:36 mayer unix: PCI-device: pci4942,4c4c, sbpci0, (rev. 0x01) at irq 11

about one year ago i installed the oss-driver. ( demo version )
this one was working, only 20 minutes, but working.

as i cant get to run, any help would be nice.

best regards from vienna           |  
hans                               |   mayer (at) relay.bfl.at_SPAM

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