Win 95 + Linux + LILO doesn't work anymore :(

Win 95 + Linux + LILO doesn't work anymore :(

Post by Ken Patto » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00


I have recently replaced a 220MB /dev/hdb IDE disk housing WIN95 with
a 1280MB /dev/hdb IDE disk housing WIN95.  I used to use LILO to
boot either Linux or WIN95; however now selecting the WIN95 partition
via LILO causes the system to hang.  I *am* using Western Digital
OnTrack Disk Manager (I believe; i.e. I used it to load DOS/Win3.1
and then installed WIN95 over this. Can't tell if Win95 uses it's
own manager or still uses the OnTrack thingy).  Anyway, Linux fdisk
doesn't recognize the partition type on /dev/hdb; it says UNKNOWN,
whereas with the old 220MB it says FAT16.  Does anyone know if using
a >1024 WIN95 disk can cause fdisk/Linux in general to not recognize
it as a FAT16?  Do I need the linear option?  I don't really care about
the long filename support; just want to be able to fire up WIN95 from

Thanks for the help in advance and I'll post the solution if I find
a successful one.....



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Greetings everybody!

Installed linux a couple of weeks ago. I really like the way it works.

I am having a progblem though Windows '95 won't boot up.

The reason being is that I formated the linux drive as a linux file system
and therefore both dos and win'95 won't recognise it anymore.

This puts Windows '95 on a different drive than it should be and when I
try to boot-up it says "Can't find" among other  stuff.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks for the help!


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