TORiSAN 24x CD-ROM + Linux

TORiSAN 24x CD-ROM + Linux

Post by Richard We » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00

For all those frustrated people out there having problems with their
TORiSAN 24x cd-rom drive and Linux, you can modify the Linux kernel as
follows after installing Linux by some other means. (This applies to
the CTX-700E and other laptops with the same cd-rom drive):

In the file ide.c in the kernel source, add the following code to
the end of the function ide_wait_stat():

...return 0; /* This is the original code. */

/* The following is the new code. */
  if (drive->media == ide_cdrom)
    return 0;
    ide_error(drive, "status error", stat);
  return 1;

Quote:} /* End of ide_wait_stat() */

Recompile the kernel with IDE ATAPI cd-rom support enabled and you
should be able to access your cd-rom drive.

Good luck,






As absolute novice to Linux I have many difficulties with it. Therefore,
please, help me, because I want to het my CD-ROM changers running.

I am using the SuSE 5.1 distribution of Linux (Nov. '97).

Because I want to use Linux as my future fileserver, I an starting to
play around with it and my two existing Torisan AT-API CD-ROM changers,
but it doesn't work.

While the changers work fine with DOS/Win3.x/Win-95/OS2, my Linux setup
program doesn't detect the drives. I contacted SuSE, but it seems that
they also do not have an answer.

I will be happy to receive some hints in HOW to setup Linux to get it
working. Maybe, I need some special drivers, too.

What I want to realize is: 6 CDs placed into two CD-Changers. All CDs
must be available simulateously, without any manually interaction on the
Linux system. Linux must run as fileserver.

Thanks in advance,

Rainer Hantsch

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