Partition problems with RH 4.0

Partition problems with RH 4.0

Post by Stan Lobune » Wed, 10 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I dug out my 4.0 CheapBytes CD that I bought a year ago, and decided to try
Linux again. I remember that last time I install, it was extremely easy to set
up my hard drive. I have a 4GB IDE, 1 2GB partition with Win 95, 1 2GB
extended partition with 3 logical (1 GB for NT 4, the other are empty for
Linux). Last time during the install I had an option to choose between fdisk
and cfdisk, and it was very easy with cfdisk. Now the only option I get is
fdisk, and I am in a loop. I don't know anything about cylinders, sectors,
etc... and fdisk tells me that I have only 2 partitions, it doesn't see the
logical drivers like cfdisk did. Is there anyway to run cfdisk during 4.0
install? Thanks. I don't want to buy $50 System Commander to install a $2 CD.


1. RH 6.0, primary partitions, and NT 4.0

I am having difficulty installing RedHat 6.0 on my system.  Specifically,
I have an IBM 10G drive with the following partitions:

Primary DOS 2G
Extended DOS 4G - with three logical volumes of size 2G, 1G, 1G

I want to use the remaining space for linux, but when I use RH's fdisk
utility to create a new primary partition (Linux native), NT refuses to boot.
It comes up with the following message (which is completely bogus because
NT boots just fine when I remove that extra primary partition):

Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or
corrupt: <winnt root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Is there anything I can do to make NT work with this extra primary partition?
Alternatively, is there a free utility that I can use to change the size
of the extended partition, so I can create the Linux partition there?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

On a side note:  Is this error just a ploy by Microsoft to disallow
alternate operating systems?  Seems pretty shady to me.  This extra
partition can't possibly hurt NT's performance.

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