IDE drive on master 1 spot

IDE drive on master 1 spot

Post by Josh Kleinba » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Using the March 95 slackware release, I'm trying to mount a second HD
into linux.  I only have the a series installed on /dev/hda2, I want to
put everthing else on my other hd, /dev/hd1a1, which is in the Master 1
IDE spot on my computer.  Yet, I can't seam to access the second HD.  Any
help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
                                          -Josh Kleinbaum

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I have a triton based MB and am thinking of adding another drive.  The 1.3.xx kernals
can take advantage of the triton chipset's EIDE bus mastering abilities.  My current
setup is Master (1G) slave (nothing) Master(CDROM) slave(nothing).  My SB16 also has
an IDE adpator, currently disabled.  Would the following work on Linux?

Triton interface 0 master (1G HD irq 14 1f0/3f6)
                 0 slave  (nothing)
       interface 1 master (1.xG HD irq 15 170/376)
                 1 slave  (nothing)
SB16   interface 0 master (CDROM irq 11 1E8)

Hopefully the triton interfaces would use busmastering...  What device name would
the cdrom get?  Guess the real question is does Linux support more than on IDE
adpator?  If so please point me at the docs.  I am at the point where I can build
new kernals...


Ed Tomlinson

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