Red Hat 4.2 lpr problem

Red Hat 4.2 lpr problem

Post by Steve Prat » Sat, 17 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Any help on the following would be most gratefully received.
I had Slackware running fine, with the lp being accessed from a Windoze95
PC using Super TCP.
On changing over to Red Hat 4.2, the lp is not accessible from other hosts.
I have built an /etc/hosts.lpd file, and added /etc/hosts.allow with ALL in
it. The Red Hat control panel printer set-up test OK to the printer. I have
kepth the same internal ip addresses as before, and so I'm pretty confident
that the Win95 setup is OK as it worked before. Any help Please.


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Here's my problem:
Various pieces of Red Hat keep saying that I am missing a file and
that it needs to be installed with a certain package (namely most of
the Kontrol Panel).  But I have been unsuccessful at finding where
this is done.  I am still a newbie with Linux, but I would assume that
there should be an "Add/Remove Programs" equivalent with Linux.

Please help!

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