HELP! linux won't recognize mitsumi fx001d

HELP! linux won't recognize mitsumi fx001d

Post by Peter J. Ku » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 05:32:23


i'm running a mitsumi fx001d off a sound blaster 16 mcd.
i used the file mitsumi from the boot144 dir out of sls 1.0.5 (infomagic).
setup doesn't recognize the cdrom. how do i get linux to recognize it?

i copied the distribution to hd and installed from there, went fine. now how do
i get linux to recognize the cdrom drive?




1. Slackware won't recognize mitsumi CD-ROM

        Hi All,

        Slackware ( Kernel 1.3.18 ) doesn't recognize my old
        proprietary interface mitsumi CD-ROM drive. I boot from
        the boot/root floppies but when I run setup my cd-rom
        is invisable.  Nothing is mounted at /dev/mcd and
        a cat of /proc/devices shows no CD-ROM driver running at
        all. During boot-up I do see the following messages :

         mcdx: VERSION $ID: mcdx.c v1.2 1995/06/18 18:00:53 Heiko Exp$
         warning - bdflush not running
         mcdx : init() malloc failed
         EATA0 : address 0x1f0 in use, skipping probe.

        I assume the mcdx driver is not being loaded due to the failed
        malloc in init(), but why and how do I fix it?

        Any ideas?


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