ATI LT Rage Pro

ATI LT Rage Pro

Post by Peter Parent » Sat, 12 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Ok, I followed the instructions to set up a kernel with vesafb support that
other people were able to start X with, but for me I get an error that there
are no supported video modes available.  I checked all the configurations
and set up one that should work, but it doesn't.  Any ideas?



1. ATI LT rage pro is possible?

hi, everybody.

I have a notebook equipped ATI LT chip, ATI LT rage pro.
Is it possible to configure it with XFree86

I have tried various mode, but I only got 640x480 mode.
I need to setup 800x600 mode...
Please give me a info..
Thanks for reading.

Oh SeokHoon

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