Dialback PPP with Slackware 96 (Kernel 2.0.0)

Dialback PPP with Slackware 96 (Kernel 2.0.0)

Post by Rune Jacobse » Tue, 15 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hey Linuxians

I'm in the following situation:

At work, I have a machine running Linux 2.0.0 (may upgrade, but first
things first) / Slackware 96, a serial port, a modem and a blessing from my
At home I have an Amiga that is fluent in PPP, a Linux machine running
Slackware 96 as well, two serial ports and one modem.

What I want is this;

The Amiga and the Linux machine should be connected all the time as long as
both of them are up. On the Amiga side, this is no problem. I am a total
newbie to PPP on Linux tho. I have gotten two (actually, five) IP-addresses
from work, I have set their names in our DNS server, and everything should
be set. Now, I also want the linux machine, on my command, to dial up the
one at work. When it does, the machines should exchange passwords etc.,
hang up the line and then the work macine will dial my home number,
establishing a PPP link so that I can use both the Amiga and the home Linux
on the Internet (the linux machine at work so far acts as a mail server and
DNS server, so it should be properly connected to the Ethernet).

Is this as easy as creating some simple chat scripts to deal with and
automate the login/dialback procedure? Does anyone have any sample
configurations I could check out?

And how about the Amiga<->Linux link? This link is not garantueed to be up
all the time (as I am what you could call a "renegade programmer", I some
times manage to kill the Amiga and it has to reboot), but I want it so that
as soon as the Amiga boots up, the PPP should be there (again, no problem
on the Amiga side). Will this enable my host to function as it's real
hostname (conan) (even when the Amiga is gone) and not only localhost?

And how about routing, on the work machine and the home one? The Amiga has
its own hostname and ip address, but how does the rest of the network know
that it has to go trough the PPP connection to get to it? Maybe SLIP would
be a better alternative? Maybe not?

So many questions. I hope for at least a few answers. ;)

Rune Jacobsen


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