ppa.0.27 and 1.2.13 linux - ppa.h explodes when "make dep"

ppa.0.27 and 1.2.13 linux - ppa.h explodes when "make dep"

Post by Jason » Sun, 30 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hi all,

(Special note: I got the scsi part working successfully because this
is required in order to mount that cd in that lunchbox after finding
the proper driver off the net because this original in2000 drivers
were bad that came with that slackware 3.0, so I have scsi support
already working and should work with zip if things went smoothly...)

I got this nice ppa zip drive and fliched needed drivers off the net
via www.linux.org.  Taking care to match up the linux ver to 1.2.13
trouble is:

patching the "ppasupport.diff" to kernel works, "making config" works
(yay!) then, fetching this on "make dep" caused ppa.h to explode with
several screenful of errors.

I think this ppa.0.27  package especially this ppa.h is bad. :(


If I'm forced to fetch Slackware 3.3 that will delay my plans for a
while for some reasons and I prefer 1.2.13 for stability and
smallness.  (reason: trying out this on a spare Pentium lunchbox with
quality components inside after debugging stage is done, install this
configuration to a old notebook, LTE 386s/20, 540mb/10MB via zip
loaded with the copy of slackware 3.0 copied from my CD with this
custom boot disk with this zip drive driver installed.)  Shame on
Compaq for lack of infos I need to know on these adapters they used to
sell for this LTE 386s/20 except for docking station like cdrom
adapter which I NEED to know which one it plugs into: parallel or it's
expansion port?  Other options: And info on how IDE paddle is designed
(shematics using TTL IC's would be nice)?  This custom adapter is to
interface with my ATAPI cdrom drive that I have laying around for this
purpose via that expandsion port.  Preferably selectable as
primary/secondary and irq 14/15.

Either here or email is perfectly fine with me, will watch both. :)
Special note to original maker of this driver, if you have quit on
1.2.13 driver to work on 2.0.xx, oh what a heck!
I'm waiting to see the asolutely stable kernel in that 2.x.xx kernel,
sticking with 1.2.13 until I hear certain 2.x.xx kernel is as good as
older kernel used to be then please let me know.

Jason D.


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Getting following warnings when recompiling kernel with    
CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y in the .config file, since I'm making use of insmod.

genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [do_mmap]: unknown 'struct sem_undo'        
genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [do_mmap]: unknown 'struct sem_queue'      
genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [do_mmap]: unknown 'struct minix_super_block'
genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [do_mmap]: unknown 'struct ext2_super_block'
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genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [inet_add_protocol]: unknown 'struct ip_mc_list'
genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [inet_add_protocol]: unknown 'struct udphdr'
genksyms "ksyms.c": warning: symbol [scsi_register]: unknown 'struct scsi_disk'
de4x5.c:230: warning: `ALIGN' redefined                                        
/usr/src/linuxelf-1.2.13/include/linux/linkage.h:20: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

All of this right out of the Slackware 3.0 CD-ROM.

Any ideas? This makes me a little nervous.

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