Screwy libraries and things I think might be related...

Screwy libraries and things I think might be related...

Post by Andrew C. Dingma » Wed, 21 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Something is wrong with my Every now and then, various
programs will spontaneously quit or fail to run, and generate the error
message "cannot map"

This has happened since I tried to install NCSA Mosaic a while ago, and
I tried to make a symlink to the particular file using
MidnightCommander, because Mosaic couldn;t find it and I didn;t want to
edit my path. (stupid, I know) I have tried to get dselect to reinstall
it. I have even mannaged to get it to report success. I have used the
source files on my CD to manually recompile my Libc5 package. The errors
persist. I think that they are also causing a severe problem with
dselect in which dselect is utterly unable to install my sound drivers,
or even completely uninstall them now that it has tried to install them.
I am stumped. As near as I can tell, just about every program on my
machine needs these libraries, and they don't seem to work. Can anybody
help me?



1. This clone I stupid, or am I right?


I admire your passion, Chris..

The only issues which have kept myself from looking seriously at Linux
would be:

* It's Unix and the learning curve to start getting productive strikes me
as probably very steep

* It doesn't support plug-and-play.  If your hardware doesn't have Linux
drivers, it don't play..

* Not nearly the amount of developers out there doing stuff for Linux as
there are for Wintel.  Can I get MS Office for Linux?  Can I get
Photoshop for Linux?  Can I get QuarkXpress for Linux? etc.. a big turn
off for me.

Reuben King
Email: "reuben at texas dot net" (in plain english to foil spam-bots.

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