"modem busy" error using DIP?

"modem busy" error using DIP?

Post by wel.. » Fri, 03 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Any ideas why I would be getting a "modem busy" error when tring to
use DIP?

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First off----I DONT HAVE A WINMODEM.....(just wanted to get that out of the
way first)....its a internal ISA USRobotics 56k Voice V.90 .....

Dual boot system, with Win98 and Redhat 6.0, modem is on Com2 ( I think

So, I'm trying to setup PPP, I think I've got it all setup correctly(w/ all
my ISP's info ) , Currently I'm logged in as ROOT and trying to dial out.
PPPD trys to dial but gives me the following error...

"Sorry, the modem is busy"    retry/cancel

Not sure where to go from here, I've read alot of documentation (about three
hours worth), I dont think its a permissions problem since I'm logged in as

Secondly, I've created a user account in my name, and gave it the
permissions I want, but when I log in under that account, and try to dial
out, I get an error like
"you need to remove the lock option"..blah blah blah......(makes me think I
dont have permissions to some folder I need ....)

So then I thought...I'll create a "dial-out" group, and add my user account
into it,...but after I add myself in  and go back and check, my membership
has dissapeared.....What gives..???

I would think its a bad idea to dial-out logged in as ROOT, so I would like
a clean option that entails me logging in as my user account and being able
to dial out....


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