Monitor 800x600 - X windows?????

Monitor 800x600 - X windows?????

Post by Rob Ki » Fri, 04 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hello All, I am trying to make my X-windows session 800x600 and not
640x480.  When I select my default mode to be 800x600 and try to start
X-windows, I always get the error, "THERE IS NO MODE DEFINITON
'800x600'".  What is the problem?  The monitor server I am choosing is
800x600.  I have a 17' monitor with my computer.

Thanks in advance,

Rob King


1. Using 800x600 <only> monitor with Linux

I recently acquired a very nice 19 inch mono monitor that I want to use
on my Linux system, primarily with X.

The only problem is that this is <not> a multisync VGA monitor, but
rather a Xerox workstation unit that will sync to 800x600 (35.5kHz
and 56Hz) ONLY.  It won't work at all with normal VGA 640x480 graphics
or 80x25 text mode.

Thus, I don't have any display at all unless I can blindly do a login
and get X started.  Also, I can't read any of the startup messages
displayed by the kernel.

My question is whether it's possible to set a VGA card to sync at 35.5kHz
horizontal and 56Hz vertical in text mode, so I can run this monitor as
my system console.  If this is possible, will rdev let me patch this
mode into the kernel?

Any other suggestions how to make use of this (otherwise) very nice


John R. Ackermann, Jr.         Law Department, NCR Corporation, Dayton, Ohio

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