I just can't install...

I just can't install...

Post by ±i¨óo » Sat, 15 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hi, I'm trying to install slackware from dos partition. I think I did
every thing according installation document, but I keeping get same
problem so that I can't install anything. The problem is:
1 setup can't find A series from dos partition.
2 setup do not create /mnt/etc directory automaticly, and keep giving
  me message 'can't move /mnt/fstab to /mnt/etc/fstab'
3 I keep getting a message: invalid flag 0000 of partition table 4
  will be corrected by w(rite). But I think this has something to do
  with the CD.
Following is the detail steps of my installation:
My disk have three partitions: /dev/hda1 for windows 95, /dev/hda2
for linux and /dev/hda3 for linux swap.
1 In windows 95, I create directories c:\slackwar\a1, c:\slackwar\a2...
  I download A series files from internet into correpond directories.
2 I reboot pc with linux boot disk root disk.
3 Use mkswap /dev/hda3 and swapon /dev/hda3 to add swap space.
4 run setup.
5 Set target to /dev/hda2 and format it.
6 Set source to /dev/hda1 and /slackwar.
7 Set /dev/hda1 as a DOS partition.
8 Start install, but setup report can't find A series on partition.
  and then report can't move /mnt/fstab to /mnt/etc/fstab. I think
  this is the consequence of the former problem.

I also tried install from floppy. But after I insert the floppy,
setup said it's not a a series floppy. My floppy is formated with
windows95 and the content of the floppy is downloaded from internet,
they are:
 Volume in drive C has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 2010-14EC
 Directory of C:\slackwar\A1

.              <DIR>        03-13-97  5:06p .
..             <DIR>        03-13-97  5:06p ..
AAA_BASE TGZ       345,664  03-13-97  5:10p aaa_base.tgz
AOUTLIBS TGZ       319,118  03-13-97  5:10p aoutlibs.tgz
BASH     TGZ       249,048  03-13-97  5:10p bash.tgz
COMMS    TGZ       104,237  03-13-97  5:10p comms.tgz
CPIO     TGZ        31,635  03-13-97  5:11p cpio.tgz
DEVS     TGZ        49,354  03-13-97  5:11p devs.tgz
ETC      TGZ        12,775  03-13-97  5:11p etc.tgz
GREP     TGZ        34,741  03-13-97  5:11p grep.tgz
DISKA1~1 HTM         3,153  03-13-97  5:12p diska1.html
MAKETA~1 HTM         3,133  03-13-97  5:13p maketag.html
MAKETAG  EZ          1,836  03-13-97  5:13p maketag.ez
TAGFIL~1 HTM         2,117  03-13-97  5:13p tagfile.html
TAGFILE  ORG         2,117  03-13-97  5:13p tagfile.org
TAGFILE  PAT           444  03-13-97  5:13p tagfile.pat
        14 file(s)      1,159,372 bytes
         2 dir(s)     646,905,856 bytes free

I really don't know where is the problem, can anybody help? Thank you.


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