Customising Netscape

Customising Netscape

Post by Richard Windle » Sat, 09 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have seen that you can get a Customization Kit for Netscape
but this only seems to work under Windows.

I really want to restrict what options (menu items, buttons etc)
our users have available.

Can anyone suggest a way of doing this for the version of
Netscape that runs under Linux?

Many thanks.

Richard Windley


Customising Netscape

Post by Lew Pitch » Sat, 09 Jan 1999 04:00:00

>I have seen that you can get a Customization Kit for Netscape
>but this only seems to work under Windows.

>I really want to restrict what options (menu items, buttons etc)
>our users have available.

>Can anyone suggest a way of doing this for the version of
>Netscape that runs under Linux?

The Netscape global options file is a text file stored
in your netscape install directory (/usr/local/netscape on
my machine. This file (called has *all* the
default definitions for *everything* that's customizable
(and definitions for things that shouldn't be customized).

Take care in changing this file. It can be edited with any
text editor.

Quote:>Many thanks.

>Richard Windley

Lew Pitcher
System Consultant, Integration Solutions Architecture
Toronto Dominion Bank

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1. Customizing netscape...


[X gurus can skip this post without reading]

Tired of boring grey dull colors that all these
X apps appear in by default? Let's start customizing
(isn't that what I use Linux for 60% of my time? :> )
Netscape. After 3 hours screwing things up, I came
up with this more or less good configuration,
add this to your .Xdefaults, somewhere at the bottom:


!mail and news text message windows
Netscape*defaultForeground: #000000
Netscape*defaultBackground: #a4c8c0
Netscape*thermo.slider.background:      #a4c3c3  
Netscape*power.LED.background:          #a4c2f2
Netscape*background:                    #a2bbc2
Netscape*XmTextField.foreground:        Orchid
Netscape*XmText.foreground:             Black
Netscape*XmList.foreground:             Black
Netscape*XmTextField.background:        #D3C5B5
Netscape*XmText.background:             #D3A5D5
*textBackground:                        #D3B5B5
Netscape*XmList.background:             #A3B5B5
! Colors of the outline lists used in mail and news windows.
Netscape*XmLGrid.foreground:            #0A0000
Netscape*XmLGrid.background:            #a4f4c5
Netscape*XmLGrid.selectBackground:      #FFFFCC

! Colors of the "Secure Document" bar.
*secureDocumentColor:                   #0000BF
*insecureDocumentColor:                 #B2B2B2

! Let's make buttons shadows thicker
Netscape*XmPushButton*shadowThickness:  3
Netscape*XmPushButtonGadget*shadowThickness: 3

! Option menues
Netscape*XmCascadeButton.shadowThickness: 3
Netscape*XmCascadeButtonGadget.shadowThickness: 3


Lines starting with ! are not loaded.

One note: if you run X in anything lower than 16bpp,
you shouldn't do that. Netscape is a pretty color-
consuming app without it. In 16bpp and higher-no problems

How to get these #c3cfff thingies right? Run
xcmap and click on color squares. It'll show
you a hex equivalent of colors. Or else, just
type these `#BDAD22' randomly, sometimes you can
come up with pretty interesting color combinations.
Valid letters are from A to F.



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