Things I don't get...

Things I don't get...

Post by Greg F Walz Chojnack » Tue, 20 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking for information on the following three topics:

1) Dependencies
        I've been having trouble RPMing some packages; I'm getting dependency
        errors. Is there some source that describes this problem in general
        terms? I know I have to load new libraries, but I'm not sure where
        to get them, where the old ones reside on my installtion...

2) Xwindows
        I have it running, but don't really understand the relationship
        between XFree86, fvwm (e.g.), gnome, enlightenment, the architecture,
        generally. And I sure as hell don't know how to configure the menus,
        e.g. how to tell it how to put a menu item for loading Netscape.
        (Currently, I load it from a terminal commmand line.)

3) How to install apps without RPM.
        I think I have the general idea, but I don't think I know the best
        places to install, and particularly how to install apps so that
        multiple users can run them.

I suppose this is probably a book's worth of questions. Can anyone recommend
a title?

I'm and orphaned OS/2 user trying to migrate to Linux. I have it running,
but want to really get on top of it.



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