ATAPI CD not recognized as source for setup - linux.err (1/1)

ATAPI CD not recognized as source for setup - linux.err (1/1)

Post by Saverio Tedesc » Mon, 01 Apr 1996 04:00:00

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1. ATAPI CD not recognized as source for setup - linux.err (0/1)

Hi all, help me please
I use a PC w/ CPU AMD486DX4/120, bios PnP AMI, mainboard PCI c/256 kB
cache, 16MB parity RAM, disk 1,6GB LBA, video board s3 868 1MB RAM,
and some days ago i purchased a review including 1 CD-ROM with
Slackware (ELF 3.0.0) distribution; i tried to install Linux but i had
a problem w/setup procedure (Source choosing section).
I followed this procedure:
-1) i made 2 dkts (1 w/ idecd image a the other one w/ color.gz)
-2) booted from idecd floppy, then inserted color.gz
-3) at login, signed as root, then made fdisk & created Linux main
partition(type 83), then swap(type 82)
-4) launched setup
-   a) choosed Addswap, made mkswap then swapon over /dev/hda4
-   b) going on, Target /dev/hda3, formatted w/1 inode per 2048 bytes
-   c) then, skipped mounting DOS partition
-   d) after, Source option 5 (CDROM install)
-      I) requested automatic search (found CDROM on /dev/hdb)
-      II) Custom to install from /cdrom/linux/slakware
-   e) got an error:
-  f) no other chance, then Exit
i tried installing CD-ROM on secondary IDE as master (hdc) - same
i tried installing Slakware as Source - same
in all cases, after error, to read files on CD, the command
mount /dev/hdb /cdrom -t iso9660 works fine;
may this be an error on setup procedure? am i overlooking something?
or missing?
any idea and/or suggestion ? Any help much appreciated.
I enclose messages on the console during boot procedssing from FDs.
Saverio Tedeschi        mail:Var.SS 115 n.23 - 97015 Modica (RG)-Italy


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