Geforce2 Ultra & Linux

Geforce2 Ultra & Linux

Post by Dan Stephenso » Mon, 05 Feb 2001 02:49:11

> I'm thinking of buying a Geforce2 Ultra to use with my doze games and
> Linux.

> I've been told I might have problems getting Linux to recognise the new
> card.

> Any suggestions or card recommendations ......

I'm glad I can help, as I've just gone through almost this identical

My distribution of Linux is SuSE7.0 which didn't have a new enough version
of XFree86 to work with my card.  It requires 4.0.1 (according to NVidia's
site).  So I went to and followed their install
instructions, and used the SuSE tools sax2 to specify using the 'nv'
driver.  You could also probably use the other config tools like
xf86config, I guess.  

NVidia has other drivers to overlay on this basic configuration, but when I
tried to run them I got some conflicts.  And, I don't know if I want to
*up the 1280x1024x24bitx100Hz I was able to set up.

PS - the instructions suggest stopping xdm.  This is done, as root, with
/etc/rc.d/xdm stop.

PPS - BIG note:  When I first rebooted w/ my new card w/o the new XFree86,
I got NO graphics whatsoever.  I didn't have anything important on my Linux
partitions so I reinstalled and got VGA16.  In retrospect I probably could
have switched to that before I installed my card solely for the purposes of
installing the new XFree86.

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