How do I setup Metafont to work under Linux

How do I setup Metafont to work under Linux

Post by Janaka V Goonaseker » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I recently set up a linux box running Dabian.
I use the wmaker GUI. The program 'mf' does not behave
as described in the metafont book by knuth.

When I type the command 'showit', which is suppose
to show the graphic which I just drew, I get a white
screen and I have to restart X.

I was wondering if anyody has any solutions ?


Thanks a million


1. How to make pcmcia ethernet card that works with Linux work with dos? . .


I realize this is probably not the right question for this group but anyway,
maybe somebody cares to help. . .

So, I have a notebook computer with these weird 6529 Cirrus Logic PCI sockets
(probe doesn't recognize them though cardmgr works OK) and I have this IC
ethernet card.

The latter works perfectly with Linux but I can't use it from dos.

I think it might work to enable this card from Linux (dos progs don't do that)
and then use some sort of packet driver from dos.  The card is said to be
compatible to some standard type, but well, all the drivers from crynwr
collection don't seem to work.

Anybody have ideas what I should try?



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