Openldap & Outlook Address Book

Openldap & Outlook Address Book

Post by CHEN KWONG WA » Sun, 13 Oct 2002 19:33:11

Dear all,

        I try to creat a OpenLDAP server for store address book for
Outlook Express. Any one can direct me to the right references?


Best Regards,
Chen Kwong Wai


1. KMail: importation of WAB address book from Outlook Express

Hello there,

I am moving to Linux and I am happy with the applications I have used
so far.  I want to use Kmail as my new email client instead of Outlook
Express.  To prevent me from manually adding entries to the Kmail
address book (KAB file), I would like to import my existing Outlook
Express address book (WAB file) into the Kmail address book.  The
importation utility provided with KMail (Kmailcvt) only allows to
import PAB files into KMail.  Is there an easy way for a newbie like
me to import my Outlook Express address book into KMail?  Is there a
way to first convert my WAB file into a PAB file?  Thanks beforehand
for any help given ;-)


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