SuSE Linux, HPT370, RAID question

SuSE Linux, HPT370, RAID question

Post by Dirk Kra » Sat, 08 Sep 2001 05:18:46

I've been reading the NGs about using Linux with software RAID vs.
hardware RAID, and I'm confused about the current status...

The manual at makes
it sound like the Suse 7.1 driver at will allow me to use Suse
Linux with a RAID setup controlled by the HPT370 IDE RAID controller
built into my Abit KG7-RAID motherboard.

Am I correct in saying that the Highpoint Suse 7.1 driver will allow
me to install a dual-boot setup with Suse/Win2K on my RAID 0+1 system,
controlled by the HPT370 chipset (i.e., NOT by configuring for
software RAID), so that Linux recognizes the RAID array instead of the
individual IDE disks?

I'm hoping to use Suse 7.2/Win2K on the dual boot...anyone know
whether Suse 7.2 will work with this 7.1 driver?



1. Linux software RAID mirroring eq. HPT370 RAID mirroring ?

I am trying to install linux (Mandrake 8.0) on a PC (KT7-RAID motherboard)
as a second system for Windows 98. I am using two RAID mirrored disks for
various data and Linux / windows 98 resides on a separate ATA 66 disk on a
"normal" ide controler.
I can boot perfectly both systems, but the problem is that the two mirrored
FAT32 disks appeares as two separate normal disks under Linux and it's
possible to write independently on the two disks ... unsyncing the mirror.

I have a few questions about it :
1) Do i need to install the HPT370 linux patch (even if it doesn't supporte
the mirroring fonction) or is it already included in the Mandrake 8.0 kernel

2) If i can't solve this problem, can i use a software RAID mirror under
linux between the two disks that are mirrored with HPT370 under Windows 98
(i.e. "Hardware HPT370" mirroring and Linux Software mirroring are
compatible ?).

3) What is the VT82C686x bug ? Does it apply to the VT82C686A ship ? How can
it be solve ? Is there other well known bugs of Linux using the KT7-RAID
board ?

Thanks a lot for your help, and please send me a copy of your answers via

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