making new menu's for fvwm(2)

making new menu's for fvwm(2)

Post by YOUR REAL NA » Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:00:00

>> > How can i make a new menu or menu item for fvwm ?

>> Find a fvwmrc, fvwm2rc, .fvwmrc, or .fvwm2rc file and
>> modify one of the menu examples in your ~/.fvwmrc or
>> ~/.fvwm2rc file.  And use "man fvwm" or "man fvwm2".

>Doesn't seem to work for me.

>I can not find the file that works for me.

>I was able to add a menu item by making a .wmconfig dir in my home dir.

>In that .wmconfig i placed a file called wxftp
>In it :

>wxftp name "Wxftp"
>wxftp exec "/usr/local/wxftp/wxftp"
>wxftp group Networking

>Then i did :

>wmconfig --output=fvwm2 wxftp <enter>

>in the .wmconfig dir.

>Now the wxftp prog is available in the Networking menu.

>So i am a step further :-)

>I still can't create a new sub menu.

On my RedHat 5.1 installation, the file is .fvwm2rc.m4, in my home
directory, which is /root, because (against all advice) I always run as

To add a submenu, somewhere under the section headed 'AddToMenu "StartMenu"'
put in a line such as this:

+ "Name_Of_Submenu%mini-icon.xpm%"       Popup   Name_Of_Submenu

The '%mini-icon.xpm%' isn't necessary, but you can replace it with the
name of an actual mini-icon.xpm icon from your '/usr/share/icons/mini/'

Then, you would create another section, with the header

AddToMenu "Name_Of_Submenu"

with a number of lines under that containing the necessary info about the
contents of the submenu.

Here is a portion of my .fvwm2rc.m4 file:

AddToMenu "Utilities" "Utilities" Title
+ "Manual pages%mini-book1.xpm%"        Exec xman &
+ "Magnifying glass%mini-zoom.xpm%"     Exec xmag &
+ "Oclock%mini-clock.xpm%"              Exec oclock &
+ ""                                    Nop
+ "Applications%mini-x2.xpm%"           Popup Applications
+ "Shells%mini-term.xpm"                Popup Shells
+ "Games%mini-happy.xpm%"               Popup Games
+ ""                                    Nop
+ "Screensaver%mini-display.xpm%"       Popup Screensaver
+ "Lock Screen%mini-lock.xpm%"          Popup Screenlock
+ "Exit Fvwm%mini-stop.xpm%"            Popup Quit-Verify
+ "My Stuff"    Popup   mystuff

AddToMenu "mystuff"
+ "nedit%mini-edit.xpm%"        Exec nedit.static -geometry 790x575+0+0 &


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