Problem with SiS630 (integrated) sound card

Problem with SiS630 (integrated) sound card

Post by Raymond L » Sat, 13 Jan 2001 09:27:30

I recompiled the kernel and hard coded irq 11 to card->irq in trident.c.
Then the sound card works. My notebook could now play sound. But it
generates strange repeating beeps in X-windows, if the event sound is
turned on. I am still troubleshooting it.. Anyway, now I got my notebook
run fairly good with 1024x768 X-windows, with network card and sound
card work as well. My friends are all surprised when they see my
notebook running Linux.



1. Problem with SiS630 (integrated) sound card

   I have posted question asking about the setting of X windows with my
SiS630 based notebook. Now I am tackling with the sound card.

   Following the instruction at, I have made the X
worked. But I also followed the instruction on setting up sound and failed.

   If I compile the "(Trident) SiS 7018 PCI Audio" into the kernel
(2.2.18, Red Hat 7), then the booting will report that Trident is found
but it can't allocate irq 0. How could I specify the irq when the sound
support is compiled into kernel? I tired to specify it as "options
trident irq=11 io=0x310" in /etc/modules.conf, but it doesn't work.

   If I make the "(Trident) SiS 7018 PCI Audio" support as module, then
itwon't be loaded automatically, even adding the line |alias
char-major-14 trident" to /etc/modules.conf.  And "modprobe trident"
will load it as unused, where /dev/dsp and /dev/sndstat still can't be "cat"

   Thanks for your attention!


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