Low memory Red Hat install, how? -- InfoMagic broken

Low memory Red Hat install, how? -- InfoMagic broken

Post by The Robinso » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> I have the April InfoMagic Linux CD, the slackware 3.0 distribution
>installs fine but I'd like to have a look at the RedHat one. Problem
>is I don't seem to have enough memory (5 meg) to load the install
> I have tried install from both CD and floppy as per README's.

Well, for one thing, they left out much of the documentation for
Red Hat (the whole 'doc' directory), so you don't get the info you
need about the floppy less install (you can boot straight from the
CD  -- or should have been able to, without any need for the
ramdisks, or a boot floppy).  Trouble is, InfoMagic broke this,
and the single floppy install, which works much the same way.
You can verify this by running the dos executable in the root
dir of the CD.  It will boot, but will not work, because the
root file system on the CD is missing; the symbolic links
for /bin, /etc, /proc, /usr, and so on are missing.  You can
see what these should have been, by looking at the archive sites.
I have the same problem, and am trying to get them to fix it.

BTW, they also left out a lot of other files, in two or three
key directories ('code' and 'contrib', to name two).

So far I haven't been able to get their support people to
own up to the fact that the problem even exists.

The upgrade script also hangs, while thrashing another 8 meg
machine I have.  Anyone have a clue as to why?

Quote:> Is there any way to enable swap before the install like you can with

You can enable swap before you really need it, provided you can
get booted up.  This pretty much automated, if you have (or make)
a swap partition.

As far as I know, none of the above is Red Hat's fault.  I've been
running Red Hat since about last October, and have been very happy
with it.

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