isdn (teles BRI )

isdn (teles BRI )

Post by knutsel smur » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

can some one tell me step for step how to install thath card under linux
redhat 6.0

1. ISDN: Teles-BRI/2TR

I have this external ISDN box (Teles-BRI/2TR) that plugs into the
parallell port.  I don't think it does modem emulation, but since it
probably uses the same chipset as the internal Teles cards (HiSAX) it
sholdn't be that difficult to write a driver.

Has anyone already written a driver (I checked the ISDN4Linux pages,
but I couldn't find anything) or at least have some more information
besides what comes with the box when you buy it?


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