Help for beginner: LILO boots only from floppy drive

Help for beginner: LILO boots only from floppy drive

Post by Harald Hi » Wed, 31 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I just installed Slackware LINUX 3.0.1(from CHIP-SPECIAL EXTRA 1/96)
Kernel 1.3.18 from CD-ROM
and can boot LILO only from floppy drive A
but not from the C master boot record
and not from the superblock of the root LINUX partition.

Pentium 100 on GA-586ATE board with IDE1+2, 24 MB RAM
HD1: SEAGATE ST5660A 545 MB 1057x16x63 NORMAL
        C:      Prim    FAT     503 MB
                Log     free      16 MB
        D:      Prim    FAT     513 MB
        E:      Log     FAT     401 MB
        F:      Log     FAT     401 MB
        G:      Log     FAT     401 MB
                Log     83      309 MB  LINUX root
                L/P     free         2 MB
IDE 2/2=CD-ROM Mitsumi

Currently i'm testing the System Commander boot manager
and can boot DOS6.22 / OS2warp / Windows / Windows NT
all from the master boot record.

Matrox Millenium PCI-card is quoted as " unknown PCI device"
during booting but functions in VGA mode.
                                Where could I get a driver?

I understand, that booting from a LINUX partition beyond the second HD
would require some source modification of the kernel.
                                        Is this correct?

I do not understand why the master boot record remains untouched.
                                        Who knows why?

Thanks for any help.


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Hello out there,

I am fairly new to Linux, using RedHat 4.0, and have a 486Dx 100 using
and IDE drive, and a Jaz drive with an Adaptec 2842au (VESA bus) SCSI
controller. This computer has Win95 installed in the IDE drive and Linux
in the Jaz drive.  When I did the RedHat installation it went through
the entire process thus installing Linux in the Jaz Drive.  However when
it came time to fire up RedHat (I would disable the IDE at the bios,
turning on the Jaz Drive) it would not load.  I later circumvented the
problem by booting from a floppy and Linux loads fine, however, in the
lilo prompt I have to specify and type "linux" (in these boots i don't
disable the IDE drive) to fire up linux, otherwise it will boot Win95
(it defaults to Win 95 boot).  I would like to modify the boot floppy so
that its default boot is Linux and not Win 95.  This way I can have
someone insert a floppy at night before leaving to fire up the machine
in Linux, I would also be able to do remote boots and have the machine
reboot into Linux not Win 95.

Thanks a bunch,


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