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  I know that UMSDOS/Linux will work when installed to a major DOS
partition, like the only major partition on a physcial disk addressed as
  Question: Can UMSDOS be installed on a logical drive in an extended
partition, for instance, a  D:\  or E:\   logical drive on the same
physcial disk ?  
thanks in advance.  

1. Mount an UMSDOS partition with NFS?


I try to mount an UMSDOS partition with nfs on a sun station.

In a first time I can mount it and sometimes I even can read the
directory. But after few minutes (or seconds) the linux machine doesn't
respond and the link seems frozen.

I have tried several computers with the same result.

What can I do?

Any help will be appreciated.


De omni re scibili ...., et quibusdam aliis :-).

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