lpr keep getting Connection refused.

lpr keep getting Connection refused.

Post by JogeedaKlow » Thu, 12 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have seen many suggestions on the problem with lpr and the Connection refused

failed - Connnection refused problem.  I do not have lprng. I just want to know
if anyone got there printers to work on the 2.0.29 and how the heck they did it.
I used aspfilter and I thought  configured correctly.  Any success story whould
be really cool right now.  Thanks!

Jose Torres


1. Why is lpr refusing connections?

Are you _sure_ that lpd is running.  I got the same error when lpd was
not running.  execute `ps ax | grep lpd` and make sure there is an entry
for lpd (not "grep lpd").  If not, that is probably your problem.


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