LINUX-FT "proc filesystem not mounted"

LINUX-FT "proc filesystem not mounted"

Post by James Thom » Fri, 17 May 1996 04:00:00

For those users of Linux-FT who get the annoying message "proc filesystem
not mounted" when using PPP, I think I may have found the cause and solution.

This message has appeared since the first incarnation of 'FT and while it
is alarming at first, it causes no harm, -only annoyance. I've only seen
it when using "ppp-on" to dial up and establish a ppp link. When first I
posted a question about this well over a year ago, the responses only
stated what seemed obvious, i.e. that the proc filesystem had not been
mounted or enabled.

But in fact it -had- to be mounted because one can use services (such as
uptime) that use the /proc filesystem, and one could see and read the
various files in /proc.

Another puzzling thing was that doing "mount" returned the other mounted
filesystems (the hdds, cdrom) but -nothing- about "proc"! Again, even
though mount indicated that it was not there it -was- there. I next tried
setting it up (as per several responses) in /etc/fstab. Reboot the
machine and when that line in fstab was processed the output said that
proc had -already- been mounted!

To make a long story short; the cause of this particular problem is in
the file /etc/brc which is used at boot. (BTW, is this standard on -all-
Linux distributions or only 'FT?) There is in this script file a line;

mount -n -t proc none /proc

The problem is the "-n" switch which prevents the filesystem information
from being written to /etc/mtab. It seems obvious that some process
involved with ppp or the ppp dial-in script (or possibly some error
handling routine) checks mtab to see what filesystems are mounted and
when it does not see the proc system there, generates that message. The
solution is just to edit /etc/brc and remove that "-n" switch.

All-in-all, I like the 'FT distribution. That is the only "problem" I've
had with it, in version 1.0 or v1.2.

regards to all;

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