Linux and W98SE / Ping Linux from W98SE NOT working but can Ping W98SE from Linux

Linux and W98SE / Ping Linux from W98SE NOT working but can Ping W98SE from Linux

Post by Orang » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello Folks,
I am not able to ping my Linux machine from W98SE but  the

smbclient -L turnbui

command does communicate and return the names of the shared drives/folders
on the Windows machine - ?? proving 2 way communication is OK!!??
I have examined the documentation on the Linux firewall but don't understand
if this is causing my problem?-I don't know how to stop it either? can U
on this?
On each machine locally I can Ping that machine by its IP addr and name and,
and can ping windows from Linux. It appears Linux is preventing the Ping
from W98SE
and even wierder is that sometimes during the Linux booting up if I attempt
a Ping one
of the attempts gets through up until the following Linux messaage during
its boot phase
 - specifically just after pcmcia [I'm using eth0 10/100MB] is initialized
comes a message:-
'Reentering interrupt ISR'
and no more replies from Linux.
The Linux newsgroups can't help - unfortunately.

Also can anyone show me the best way to copy a file to windows from Linux
using the Konsole command-line, and should I just use copy+paste in Windows
Explorer. I  tried to use xsmbrowser but this reports "can't find
hostname" - probably due to the above problem??

Ian Turnbull
0961 931941

Web  :


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At a DECUS meeting last night, we saw Corel LINUX up and running on a number
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When I asked the question, how, or can I, install LINUX (the Corel basic
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for the LINUX install, but nothing beyond that.  I'd rather be told "I don't
know" and was after asking the above question, save for the container file

It was suggested that I look through the laptop section in  I
did and couldn't find what I was looking for; there was no info on the
Armada V300 (no surprise, they just started shipping a few weeks ago), or
the triple boot thing mentioned above, so I wound up here.

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