Multiple Setup problems...

Multiple Setup problems...

Post by Jff12 » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I am currently running Redhat 5.2., kernel 2.0.36

I recompiled the system kernel for optimization (from the i386 you get
with the RPM to i686 for my cyrix 200mhz mmx with all the correct
hardware settings)...

Thats not the problem, my kernel rebuild works nicely, my problem is no
matter what I tried with kerneld (which is supposed to remove old module
calls) I still get old module calls for various odd drivers that were
included with the precompiled version at startup... It doesnt harm my
system, but its annoying as all hell.  I rebuilt in the following
manner, "./make menuconfig (chose my options), make dep ; make clean ;
make iZmage ; cp /boot ; cp ...zImage /boot/vmlinux ; lilo;"
If I left the kerneld option in (which I know I did) why are the old
modules still trying to load on boot?

Secondly, where in the heck can I find Deskjet 722c drivers?

Thirdly, being somewhat new, I'm adapting to this new "FAT -free"
environment well... but,  I need some advice as follows :
    1.  X-windows is the standard (XFRee86 for me here) -- whats a
common and powerful and nice looking window manager?  p.s. I dont like
    2.  Desktop Environments confuse me?  Are they suped up window
managers or are they replacements for X?  OR do they all work together,
X, window manager, and desktop Enviro?
    3.  Whats the standard for desktop enviro? KDE, CDE, GNOME?

Any other general help in detail about optimization is welcome. Or help
on where the "standards" are heading towards.

I cleaned out /usr/X386, and /X11... I'm left with /X11R6 which is
working fine the other two directories seemed to be useless mirrors put
on by redhat... does this occur frequently?  How do I track libraries
and binaries from all these downloads I'm trying to find out what is
good software so I can uninstall them?

ARRRGGH!, Thanks, John