Help needed with packet filtering / bandwidth shaping

Help needed with packet filtering / bandwidth shaping

Post by sarat » Sat, 29 Sep 2001 16:06:20

I need to allocate/control bandwidth of a small ISP  to various
stations so that each station gets specific bandwidth.

The Situation:

Our client is using a wireless router called NCL1170 (manufactured by
Wave Rider, Inc.) to provide Internet bandwidth to multiple customers.
It is being used in a point-to-multi-point mode. As far as we
understand, there is no feature that can allocate / control bandwidth
to each of the customer stations.
             ________                               ________
            |        |       |--(       )--|       |        |
Internet -->|NCL1170 |------>|             |------>|NCL1170 | 1Mbps
 8Mbps      |Master  |       | TX       RX |       |STN1    |
            |________|     -----         -----     |________|

                                        )--|       |        |
                                           |------>|NCL1170 | 4Mbps
                                        RX |       |STN4    |
                                         -----     |________|

Is there a way I can introduce a Linux box at the Master end and
control the bandwidth that goes to each station?

I greatly appreciate any pointers that will help me in this direction.



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