Booting DOS off 2nd drive, with 3 IDE drives

Booting DOS off 2nd drive, with 3 IDE drives

Post by Chris Seve » Sun, 25 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I have three hard drives.
On my first (Primary Master), I have WIN95 and linux.
Lilo is installed on the MBR of this drive.

My second drive (Primary slave) is DOS6, with 3 logical
drives on it.

My third drive (Secondary Master) has no OS, but is DOS

My system works fine, with one exception.
When I boot to DOS, I cannot see the third drive at all.
It just isn't there.  When I boot to either linux or
WINDOWS, I can see it like I should be able to.

I assume it's because DOS doesn't really like being booted
off the second drive, and LILO has to trick it into doing

Does anyone know if it's possible to get working, and if
so how ?

I'd also appreciate hearing from anyone who has seen a
system boot DOS or WIN95 off the second drive and still
be able to see the third drive - even if you have no
idea how.  It would be a great start just knowing its

Thanks in advance.

Chris Severn.


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