Help: RH5 Install, machine hangs after PCMCIA disk inserted.

Help: RH5 Install, machine hangs after PCMCIA disk inserted.

Post by Olly Morga » Fri, 30 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to install RH5 as a second OS on a Windows NT4 machine.

Err, I installed it once (as far as specifying partitions), got stuck
and had to abort by switching the machine off.  On subsequent attempt to
install, the setup gets as far as  asking me to enter the second floppy
for the PCMCIA services, copies the files over, and pops ups a message
box saying: "Starting PCMCIA services" and then freezes.  (NB: On my
first abortive attempt to install it got beyond this point).

Help!  Anyone know what I can do?

I've tried "uninstalling" by using the NT Disk administrator to delete
the partitions created by RH disk Wizard, but still have the same
problem.  Is there anything that the RH installation process will have
done to my Primary partion (or anywhere else) which needs to be
erased/modified to completly remove the RH installation?
How can I do this?

Many thanks ...
Olly Morgan
Scottish Agricultural College
Edinburgh, Scotland


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Ive got the following problem:

If I insert my no-name *sic* ethernet PCMCIA ("NE2000 comp") card the
first time it is recognized and working perfectly, no matter what slot I
use! So far so good!
If I now take the card out of my laptop (Dell Lattitude CP) it does the
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Thanks a lot!

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