TELES S0/PCI ISDN adapter, any HOWTO out there ?

TELES S0/PCI ISDN adapter, any HOWTO out there ?

Post by SlowFo » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00


how do I configure my TELES S0/PCI ISDN adapter to connect me to my ISP in
RH 5.2 ?

Is it possible at all ?

What patches/sowftware do I need ?

Please Help !


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How do I make a Teles S0 PCI ISDN adaptor work under Linux?

i.e.: How do I - explained very detailed - make it work under SuSE 6.0 ???
It currently won't work under any circumstances! Yast obviously doesn't save
the settings to the full, at least the adaptor is always scanned for as
being an ASUS-adaptor.

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