install problem on ftp downloaded redhat 6

install problem on ftp downloaded redhat 6

Post by -= » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

hey all,

        i have downloaded 56 megs of rpms of redhat 6 already, can anyone
tell me the ones i will need to fix a problem when i install, it says
'unable to configure mouse' and then when i go into the menu only the
network setup works, all the rest don't respond when i click them. Or will i
have to d'l the whole lot?




1. cannot install Redhat I downloaded from the ftp server

I have downloaded RPMs from the ftp server. when I tried to install Redhat,
the computer said it cannot find the Redhat installation tree, so I thought
I need to download Base and Instimage dirctory in order to make it work. I
notice under the instimage dirctory that it has a lot of symbolic links. How
do I download symbolic links and do I really need them in order for the
Redhat installation to work?


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