Restricting CD .. for FTP users

Restricting CD .. for FTP users

Post by Paul Lent » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'll admit it I'm a newbie, and this place seems kinda hostile... :-)

I'm running RH 5.2 and wanting to restrict FTP users to their home
directory and subdirectories where they can't cd .. and get to the / .
I'm a VAX VMS geek and can't figure this out from the books I'm reading.
:-) I sorta understand I may be able to do this with the x flag (in the
directory closer to root????), but since I haven't seen this subject
discussed directly... I'm clueless!

Is there a conf file I need to work on that'll do this to where the ftp
will read it and know what to do when it fires up a process?

Help!!!! :-)