Help Upgrading Hard Drive

Help Upgrading Hard Drive

Post by Jürgen Exne » Thu, 26 Nov 1998 04:00:00

>I recently (about a month ago) installed Red Hat 5.1 on one of my machines.
>The machine has a new motherboard, Cyrix MII processor and two old ide hard
>drives.  One is a 1 gig Conner and the other is a 512 meg Fujitsu.  Most of
>the filesystem is on the connor (in a couple of partitions) and some of it
>on the fujitsu.  I have set up a ton of stuff like inn, apache,

>I have found that I am running out of disk space.  I want to get a 8.4
>DMA drive.  I then want to copy my filesystem from the old drives to the
>drive and then I want to throw the old ones away.  I do not want to have to
>start configuring my system from scratch.  Is this possible?

>What procedures should I follow?  What are the gotchas? I suspect I will
>1) using fdisk to partition the new drive, 2) dd to copy the data, and 3)
>then lilo to make the new drive bootable.  Is this correct?  I have never
>used dd, will it work for what I am trying to do? Any help greatly
>appreciated and I apologize in advance if this is a newbie question.

Please check if your questions haven't been answered in the Harddrive
upgrade mini-howto, already:

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