NEC Superscript 660+ on RHL4.2

NEC Superscript 660+ on RHL4.2

Post by John Chun » Sat, 06 Sep 1997 04:00:00


Has anyone successfully installed NEC's Superscript660+
laserprinter on a RedHat system (I'm running 4.2, 2.0.30

I tried the printer configuration tool in the control-panel
but to no avail, and I've read the Printer/Printing-HOWTO's.
(I have the default ghostscript (3.33 I think) that comes
with the distribution as well as the latest ones (5.03)).

Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated.

John Chung



1. Any one use NEC SuperScript 660 or 860 printer with Linux??

Anyone has experience with the NEC SuperScript 660 or 860 printer??

The 660 mode is 6 ppm model and support PCL5 & Postscript 2 language,
but I was told that, it must be run  under Windows 95 only to work with
PS2 language.. I need to verify on this..

The 860 model is a faster one (8 ppm) and supports PCL4 only, it doesn't
support PS2 language.  I want to find out if this model run under


Linh C. Nguyen


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