LILO Install on a mixed IDE/SCSI setup -- Do I need the SCSI card bios enabled?

LILO Install on a mixed IDE/SCSI setup -- Do I need the SCSI card bios enabled?

Post by Dermot Grad » Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have a pentium pro 200 with a 1.3GB IDE hard drive and a 1GB hard
drive* off a QLOGIC SCSI controller. Since the machine has the
IDE disk, this is configured as the primary boot device.  The IDE is
dedicated to NT and the SCSI is dedicated to Linux.  I have installed
Lilo on the MBR of the IDE drive allowing boot of Linux and NT.  With
the SCSI bios enabled Lilo is able to boot both os correctly.  However
with the SCSI bios disabled the boot process just causes a sequence of
01 (zero ones) to be echoed to the screen.  Since the SCSI bios is a
DOS/DOG throwback, is there anyway of getting around the problem?  or is
the PC bios just too unintelligent to be able to access the SCSI

Incidentally, I have thought about the "APPEND" option but not tried it
since these are essentially kernel params and appear to have no direct
impact on Lilo itself.  Also once booted, the kernel has no problems
accessing the SCSI and attached devices.

thanx in advance



1. anyone able to boot from SCSI in mixed SCSI/IDE system???

Is there anyone out there who has successfully configured a Linux
system that happens to boot from a SCSI hard drive in a mixed SCSI/IDE

I can boot linux flawlessly from the first IDE hard drive--the SCSI
driver for my BusLogic board gets loaded as a module and life it good.
Problem is, I really want to boot off my SCSI disk since NT's
bootloader is already installed and configured for booting there.  My
Asus T2P4 motherboard BIOS supports this, and the bootloader comes up
okay.  I can get into DOS or Windows NT fine from the bootloader.

Using Bootpart.exe, I have successfully added the "linux" option to
NT's bootloader, however, when I select that option, LILO never makes
it to its second stage boot loader -- it stops at LI .  As with most
LI problems, this points to some inability of the system to see the
appropriate hard drives via BIOS.

Possibly related: when the BusLogic module was loaded during install,
I saw errors in VC5 of the RedHat install program that stated "you
must set heads sectors cylinders" and "Warning invalid flag 0000 of
partition table 4 will be corrected by w(rite)."

TIA for any advice,


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